Welcome to 2023! A Checklist to Review Your Financial Plan.

Welcome to 2023 A Checklist to Review Your Financial Plan

Happy New Year and welcome to 2023! We hope that you and your family had an enjoyable holiday season. We look forward to what this new year has to offer.

2022 was rough for investors, with many of the year’s events unforeseen and unfavorable. As we enter the new year, some challenges remain. One primary obstacle, the concern of elevated inflation, has recently looked a little less imposing, while another concern, a projected recession affecting countries around the globe, is still looming. Seasoned investors understand that part of the investment experience is taking a long-term approach and that means potential periods of downward movements. Our primary goal for the new year is to continue to help optimize our client’s journey toward their financial goals. A key component to this is to identify items that they may anticipate needing our assistance with. In order to start the new year proactively, included in this communication is a 2023 Checklist to help our clients identify items they may want to address with us over the next year.

We enter 2023 with a service goal of exceeding our client’s expectations and providing them with first-class service. We take pride in our ability to understand and effectively respond to their needs and enjoy providing timely information and holistic service to them. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with them and want to extend the same service to you this new year. Please take the time to review the 2023 Checklist and call us if you’d like to take advantage of scheduling a complimentary financial check-up.

In 2023, we will continue to offer the following services to our clients:

  • Client review meetings.
  • Quarterly economic updates.
  • Tax reports to keep them updated on proactive tax saving opportunities and changes.
  • Regularly scheduled live and online educational workshops on timely topics.
  • Consistent and meaningful articles on topics that directly affect them.
  • Client appreciation events and a special event for clients who support our “Growth Initiative.”

Does your current financial professional provide these services to you?

Looking Ahead to 2023

While there are many aspects to overall financial planning, the following are some specific areas we will continue to watch carefully as we head into the new year.

  • Interest Rates     Interest rate movements continue to be critical for investors. In 2022, the Federal Funds Rate rose from a range of 0 – 0.25% to a range of 4.25 – 4.50%. The Federal Reserve has announced they will continue to raise rates to around 5% in 2023 as a way to combat inflation.
  • Inflation   Inflationary concerns are important for investors. In the U.S. during 2022, results for inflation peaked in the fourth quarter and both headline and core Consumer Price Index (CPI) readings showed significant year-over-year declines to end the year. This was the data investors had long been waiting for, and they expressed their approval by sparking quick, but short-lived equity market relief rallies. This initial descent from the inflation summit can be encouraging, but it takes more than one data point to make a trend. Inflation numbers and fears need to be monitored as the 2023 data becomes available.
  • Recession Risk   A main obstacle for investors is that many analysts are suggesting a recession is inevitable. The shift from inflation risk to recession risk reflects the impact of aggressive monetary tightening by the world’s central banks, which have fixated on inflation-fighting at the expense of economic growth. Even with inflation starting to moderate (at least in the U.S.), there is no guarantee that central bank policy rates will follow suit. In fact, in November, Fed Chair Jerome Powell conveyed that rates are likely to remain “higher for longer,” which will bring continued challenges to the economy and investment markets. Economic recovery is still appearing to be affected by the overseas effects of Covid-19 and its variants. We will continue to stay apprised of the direction of recovery efforts and how they are affecting the economy.
  • Stock Market Valuations  Valuations are used as key predictors of equity returns. Many stock prices have fallen significantly from historical highs, but in tough times valuations become more challenging to estimate. While we cannot predict long- and short-term valuations, we can continue to help you identify your risk tolerance and time horizons. We will also guide you to use practical behavior during times of market volatility.
  • Our Client’s Personal Situations  First and foremost, our client’s personal situation is our highest priority. We are here to help them with any financial moves or concerns they may have throughout the year. We understand that each individual and household has different goals and needs. We will continue to keep clients informed of any changes that we think may affect their personal situation.

We enter 2023 with the continued mantra of “proceed with caution”. Having a solid foundation and strategy is critical to the outcome of your financial plans. Revisiting those plans and keeping them current is also a sound practice we feel should be conducted on a consistent basis. This is a good time to review your plans with us.

We can help you determine if you are on track to meet your long-term objectives, confirm your time horizons and assess your risk tolerance. We are ready to provide you with a complimentary financial check-up. Call us at 425-646-6327 for available dates and times and get ready to make 2023 a positive year on your journey toward your financial goals! | (425) 646-6327

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